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Welcome to the CHP Used Marketplace. This website allows you to search and purchase used CHP units and power stand-by units at an extremely low administrative fee. Moreover, you can present and sell your own used CHP units.

More Information on how to position your used CHP for offer on this site can be found under “Conditions for Sale”

Hier können Sie ein gebrauchtes BHKW erwerben Hier erhalten Sie weitere Informationen über die Verkaufsbedingungen.
Hier gelangen Sie zu den Seiten des BHKW-Consult Hier gelangen Sie zu den Seiten des BHKW-Infozentrums

Contents of the CHP Used Market

Are you looking for a used CHP Unit?. Take a look at our category “looking for a CHP-Unit” (CHP Sale). Here you will find the current used units on offer listed according to their capacity/size.

Would you like to sell a used CHP-Unit? Take a look at the category “selling a used CHP”. A PDF-File can be downloaded, that will provide you with the necessary information about pricing and conditions and how to position your unit on our site.

The button “Planning a CHP-Unit” brings you to our Internet site “BHKW-Consult”.

Do you require general information regarding block-type power units or combined heat and power-units? Check out the button “Information to Cogen-Units” for more details.


  • Latest ads of the CHP-used-market

    Ad 4 - 2017
    · ABC
    · 1400 kWelectric
    · vegetable oil, fuel, biogas, natural gas, sewage gas / landfill gas, diesel

    Ad 3 - 2017
    · TTS Martin
    · 50 kWelectric
    · natural gas

    Ad 2 - 2017
    · General Electric
    · 42.000 kWelectric
    · natural gas

    Ad 1 - 2017
    · Doppelanlage 2x MAN
    · 400kW ges. (190kW & 210kW) kWelectric
    · biogas, natural gas

    Ad 46 - 2016
    · EC-POWER
    · 15,2 kWelectric
    · natural gas